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The few wedding photographers I’ve spoken with have told me their story of how they got into wedding photography. They seemed (being the operative word) to have just fallen into it without trying. One person asked if they would shoot their wedding one day followed by another, followed by another and slowly a business was built. The power of word of mouth is underestimated by all.

I have a full time job. And it has absolutely nothing to do with photography. I am a carer in a home for 10 intellectually disabled adults ranging from Down Syndrome to Autism. I’ve been doing this for 4 years, so about the same time I got into photography. I left this job to go traveling and was welcomed back with open arms when I came home. They granted me 2 and half months leave for my trip to India. The hours are fantastic, I’m a night owl so I do evening shifts, but it’s so lenient to change shifts and get time off if needed.
They completely support outside work goals as well, so needless to say I think I’ve been treated very well in this line of work.

However, as much as I appreciate this job I don’t want to be doing this forever.
June 2009 is when I took the step and started promoting my photography. I took the step to make this into my way of life.
It started with a simple web page through That wouldn’t serve me as far as blogging goes, so I swapped to, where I’ve remained.
I’ve tried Flicker, Redbubble, Twitter and Facebook, but it was all too much to keep up with. So excuse the pun, I gave Flicker the flick . And Twitter is hooked up to Facebook, so when I update my status on my Heather Ellis Photography Fan Page, it updates Twitter as well. Easy peasy.

Now this brings me to why I’m blabbing on about this. As much as I’ve been trying to “promote” myself (and others as well, so thanks to anyone who puts out a good word…I love you all!) I think I’ve done a poor job in saying that I DO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have A LOT of experience. But I WANT to do more. I love weddings! I love all the little details especially put in and thought over. The chaos is exciting and its great being able to be amongst it. I want to be apart of your day! Everyone has to start somewhere and it makes me think of those ads for jobs where they want someone ‘with experience’. But my question is… How can you get experience if nobody will hire you?!

I do Weddings, I do Portraits for you and your family and I sell my Travel and Landscape images in Prints and on Canvas.

I hope I can be apart of your life, capturing any moment, big or little.

Love Heather xoxox

  • Hi Heather,

    I just started blogging on WordPress and found your blog. It’s funny you say that most wedding photographers just “fell in to it”. I “fell” into wedding photography almost word for word they way you described it above! I helped someone out by shooting one, then another, then another, after barely 1 year I had shot 25 weddings! My biggest advice is keep your prices low to start. Your pictures are great, you are sure to be successful! I am jealous of you that you have traveled so much, that is what I would like to do!

  • Heather Ellis

    Hi Kelly,

    WOW! Thank you so much for that response! That’s the sort of inspiration I need! I just read about your 1 year anniversary…quite inspiring I must say!
    If you ever get the chance to travel, I can recommend some places for sure. This world is amazing! And I haven’t finished yet! Just have to wait a bit longer this time!
    I will continue to follow your blog Kelly and thank you again for dropping me a line! Its always nice to know SOMEONE out there is tuning in! Take care, H.

  • Hi Heather,
    I am the same!! Set up business at the start of 2010 officially, but had shot a couple of weddings before that. I have now done quite a few weddings now, and am getting very booked up for this summer wedding season (as well as getting married myself!). I absolutely ADORE my job and am just loving doing it full-time! So, it won’t take long for you to get there at all! I just LOVE your portrait images on here…very crisp, clean, sharp and gorgeous colours. You have an amazing eye for detail and emotion too! I found you through facebook too…always good to know that works as well! I am also on facebook at :)
    Keep it up…you are super talented!
    Kimberley xx

  • Hi Kimberley,

    Thanks sooo much for your kind words. Its always great to get feed back from other photographers.
    I’ve just checked out your website. WOW! Absolutely amazing. Love your watermark as well. I’m focusing a lot of branding at the moment and I can’t help but love your branding as well.
    We should meet up, share stories! Awesomeeee!
    Chat soon,
    Heather xxx

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