Portraits: The McGuinness Family

I have a feeling that this family will crop up alot on this blog. For a start they are family! But they live across that mote into that other land they call “The North Island”…so 8 months on from Ciara’s last photo shoot, she can not only hold her own head up now, but crawl, spit and laugh like crazy! She just keeps getting bigger and bigger and shes not going to stop here!

She is a bundle of joy… but NO I’m NOT clucky! Just making that clear! lol

We got to spend a week with these guys and I gotta say… 1 week just isnt long enough! MOVE TO CHRISTCHURCH GUYS!

Baby Photography

  • Absolutely Beautiful, thanks Heather!!
    Even though you had poo weather & a tired baby to work with :)

  • Heather Ellis

    Thanks Janet. She is a true gem who powers on through any situations! Hope you guys had a great time in Wellington and a good drive home! xx

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