Personal: How much of the world have you travelled?


So I’ve just poached this from Mike Larson and done it myself.

And its no lie that this map puts into chrystal clear perception just how big the world is…
It’s apparent I have  A LOT more travelling to do if I am even to consider that I’ve made a dent. I’m only 23, so I guess I have a bit of time. Maybe I should enter the countries I’ve travelled 20 years from now and see how I’m doing!

Give it a go! :

A good parting quote though just to make it A-OKAY if you can’t get the percent a little higher:

“The world is too large to travel it all… but small enough to think that you could”

  • Good find! You’re certainly painting a lot of the world green. Interesting that it appears that Australia is split up into 6 ‘countries’.

  • Mark, I did the map again. There is the option to hide states/provinces of Canada, USA, Australia… and it bumped my total up to 11%, but it doesn’t seem as truthful.. after all.. the USA and Australia are prettttyyyy big. So if you’ve been to one place, you can say you’ve been there.. but certainly not travelled. I’m aiming for the travelled part! :) Enjoy North West Island! :)

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