Wedding Portraits

Wedding Portraits

Your Wedding Portraits

For me, there are many different types of wedding photos that together make up your complete wedding album. Photos of couples with dramatic scenery backdrops are great. Photos with objects and props such as umbrellas and hats are fun. Action photos of jumping and walking are brilliant. But no album is complete without some quality wedding portraits. Combine them altogether and I think we’ve struck gold.

Portraits that Capture Emotion and Feeling

By this I mean photos that simply capture the beauty, emotions and facial expressions of the bride and groom, as well as photos of the bridal party, family members and friends and the interactions that take place between these people that are important enough to share your special day. Photos that I call lifestyle wedding portraits – portraits with life, expression and emotion.

Destination Wedding Portraits

Many wedding photographers simply rush through these and tick them off a list to get them out of the way so that they can take more creative pictures of sunsets and sandy beaches. Photo of the bride and groom? Done! Photo of the bride’s family? Done! Photo of the groom with grandmother? Done!

Personally, I feel that these portraits are just as important as others and can even be just as creative and funky as photos in other situations. What’s more is that they can also mean soooo much to the people that were there on your day to share your special experience. So many times I’ve seen family members go through their loved one’s wedding albums and their eyes suddenly light up when they see a photo of themselves alongside you and your new spouse.

Destination Wedding Portraits

Whoever you decide to go with for your wedding photography photos, please, please do me a favour and make sure they don’t treat your family and friends like a check-list and a chore that needs to be done so that they can move onto other photos that will look good in their own portfolios!

If you’d like to place your trust in me for your wedding photos, I promise to do justice to the most important and emotion filled day of your life. Find out more about my wedding photography prices or contact me and we’ll talk!

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