Katherine & Rob {Married}

When I booked Katherine and Rob’s wedding for May 14th back in the summertime. I was curious as to what Christchurch weather would throw at us. The closer winter comes, the wetter and more temperamental the weather. But HAZAAAH… a more beautiful autumn day than could ever be imagined was produced. I gave the heaven’s above a nice thumbs up! And secretly high fived it in my head!

Katherine decided to rent a hotel unit at Clear Water Resort here in Christchurch. And what a decision that was. Look at the view her and her girls had!


As I arrived, the last of the make up was being applied to a cool, calm and collective Katherine. While her Mum, Wendy did some last minute stitching on the bridesmaids wraps.


The bridesmaids were so amazing and supportive right from the get go. They were every brides dream support crew!



And the DRESS! WOW oh WOW! I love how flowers are ‘in’ at the moment. Originally a bow sat where the flower does… The flower is just the cherry on top.


Katherine oozes gentle elegance. She really is a beautiful person..inside and out!


Libby is pregnant and due in August. She looked radiant.
Brydie in the middle is an avid photographer as well. (Nikon however..we won’t give her trouble for it though! ;-) She’s the mother of the flower girl Ruby, who we’ll meet a little later.
And Katie, she is seriously so sweet. Her and Katherine have been friends for over 15 years. Amazing!
And Nana watches eagerly and had the honour of zipping Katherine into her dress.

I swear, this group was the nicest bunch of people.



Rob and Katherine decided to see one another before the ceremony including having the bridal party shots. Rob came to Clear Water and Katherine made a Romeo and Juliet balcony entrance for him. He looked a little gobsmacked you might say!


Before heading off to Hagley Park, we had some fun in the sun in front of this pristine Chevrolet. Immaculate condition.


Driving to Hagley Park, we pulled up beside the car at the lights and Doug shot this bad boy. Absolutely stunning! High Five Doug!


The girls were amazing and so playful!


And the men so manly. Best man Kelby and Mike on the right popped the question to his other half the day before the wedding. Big Congrats Mike!



Learning names of the bridal party…Never an easy as it seems. But how lucky was I to have…
Kati-e, Brydi-e, Libb-y, Kelb-y…and Mike. Easy peasey lemon squeezy.

It’s not autumn if you don’t throw some leaves!


Katherine and Rob have a similar sense of humour, except Katherine does a little less putting a finger up the nose. Rob doesn’t have a serious bone in his body and I think Katherine adores her funny man. Katherine is so gentle, which is good since she’s a nurse. She is Rob’s other half, his balance. They are each others balance.



And once Rob and the guys left for the venue, the girls couldn’t wait to have some more cheeky fun with the autumn leaves.


And Katherine embraced every moment!
And like every bride who should be dotted on… the bridesmaids did a great job in cleaning her up after all the leaf throwing.


The ceremony and reception was being held at Cossar’s Wineshed in Tai Tapu. Absolutly stunning venue.



Finally, I get to introduce this bundle of joy. The flower girl, Ruby. HOW CUTE IS SHE?!!!!


Katherine’s Dad waits eagerly as his daughter arrives.




The ceremony was a true reflection of Rob and Katherine. Celebrant, Julie Lassen announces at one point that Rob’s parents have been trying to give him away for years!



You may kiss the bride. So Rob shakes Katherine’s hand… before going in for the dive!



Warm Fuzzies.



The last group photo of the evening and it was a good-en! The friends photo in all its glory.


Courtesy of groomsman Mike… it’s “Game Over” for Rob.



It was seriously such a scrumptious day and all the stops were pulled out.



Katie gave such a sweet speech for Katherine. And Rob toasted himself. Well done Rob!




Katherine and Rob. Thank you for choosing me to capture your day. I felt honoured just being there. The effort and care that was put into the day was evident and I’m so so so pleased the weather co-operated in creating your magical day. Enjoy this next phase of your life and I can’t wait to show you the rest of the photos.

Love Heather xxx




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